Applying for Grant from UNESCO PP

Applying for Grant from UNESCO Participation Programme (PP)

Type of service: Financial
What service am I eligible? A Non Government Organizational, an Institution of private sector or a Government institution (Ministries, Public agencies, Schools, High Learning Institutions), Individuals can apply for Grant from UNESCO Participation Programme (PP) to finance his project related to educational /scientific material or equipment purchase, publication, conference / workshops organization, solar energy equipment, training...
Department to be approached CNRU Secretariat
Where can I access the service? Kigali / GASABO District
At Kimironko Sector, in MINEDUC Compound
When can I access the service? Monday to Friday , 7h00 Am to 5h00 Pm
Once a request is made or an application is submitted, how long will it take? Application is received from 1st November to 15th January after the General Conference session
The payment to the agreed projects depends on the Feedback from UNESCO Headquarter after six months (From next June)
What, if any, are the costs for accessing the service? Free of charge
What documents are required? - Requesting letter to UNESCO DG through CNRU
- Project Proposal ;
- Recommendation letter of line Ministry for a public institution or Individual
- Recommendation letter of Rector or Head of a High Learning Institution / Research Institution;
- Recommendation letter of Mayor of the District for a School or a local NGO;
- Official recognition document for of private Association.
What is the procedure? - Submitting a Project proposal with a requesting letter and respecting the deadline;
- Wait the call of CNRU and then signing a contract with CNRU if project is agreed by UNESCO for funding;
- Submitting a technical progress report to CNRU according the deadline fixed by contract;
- Submitting a final financial and evaluation report. to UNESCO within the deadline.
What, if any, other institutions do - Line Ministries / Universities and High Learning & Research Institutions/ Districts for
I need to visit to access the service? (Eg. for payment of service costs or to get additional documents) recommendation.
Is there a complaint procedure? None
Is there any additional information regarding this service that is useful to know? Please contact CNRU at +250 255 102 350

, or at P.O. Box: 2502 KIGALI

Relevant legal documents • The Convention of 16 November 1945 establishing UNESCO, article VII;
• The Charter of National Commission for UNESCO approved by the UNESCO General Conference in its 20th session in 1978;
• Presidential order No 120/10 of 9 June 1975 establishing and organizing CNRU;
• The Resolutions adopted by the UNESCO General Conference since 1978;
• Presidential order No 12 ter/01 of 27 March 2003 restructuring and reorganizing CNRU

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