CNRU´s mission to the Mount Huye

On September 15, 2014, KAJUGA Jerome, the director of Department for Culture, Social and Human Sciences at CNRU and head of the project and Theresia Schneider, current volunteer at the RNCU went to Huye to explore the mountain in terms of implementation of UNESCO Cultural conventions.

The occupants of this house must have a nice view over the Huye Mountain.

In Butare, they met with KAYITARE Constantin, the cultural officer of Huye district, with Ing. MUHIRWA J de Dieu, engineer and with NDAYAHUNDWA Ignace, Project Officer in Association Modeste et Innocent who besides professional skills have all much historical and cultural knowledge about the site and its surroundings.

The team observes the summit - a lot of things can be done here.

On the summit of the Huye Mountain a big antenna is found, guarded by a few soldiers. On the summit shortly behind the guarded area, the palace of NYAGAKECURU apparently was built centuries ago. Unfortunately no ruins or relics remained so for detailed and proper information, archeological research should be done. After a walk of 20 minutes the ground gets rocky and one has a great view. On the ground, little holes can be seen where the ancient game Igisoro was invented by the King Ruganzu Ndoli. Therefore the place is called “ IGISORO CYA RUGANZU” - the game Igisoro of Ruganzu.

You can find little holes in the rocky ground - Igisoro was invented here.

A bit further down the summit close to the road there is a big nice place with a little spring called NYAGAKECURU’s spring. Here a cultural center could be built as the official path for pedestrians reaches the summit here. The spot is flat and has a nice view over the district. Several hikes to explore the environment could start from here, with guides specialized on nature, history and sports. If tourists would like to make the tour without a guide, signs should explain the cultural and natural history of the site.

NYAGAKECURU’s spring - next to it could be a good location for a cultural center.

In addition to or as expansion of the cultural center, a little restaurant with a few rooms including sanitations should be built on the summit. A camping site near the IGISORO CYA RUGANZU could be an interesting place for a camping site where younger people could spend the night and enjoy a challenging climb up the mountain when they want to get back. All this would make the mount Huye an ideal goal for tourists but also locals as it combines history, culture, sports, nature and vacation.

Isn´t it a beautiful view you have from the top?

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