CNRU supports preserving the rich cultural value of traditional medicine
The Department for Culture, Social and Human Sciences of the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO (CNRU) has focused on supporting and preserving the rich cultural value of traditional medicine for a while now. Among other activities, it worked on a long-term-project started by developing eight specific modules of training. This was developed and executed in cooperation with different stakeholders, including the University Institut d’Enseignement supérieur de Ruhengeri (INES).
To explore the field of traditional medicine even further, INES-Ruhengeri has created a botanical garden, focusing solely on plants used for purposes of traditional medicine, on its campus grounds. During a CNRU visit of the garden, Mr. NSANZURWIMO Aimable, lecturer in the Faculty of Science, explained the different functions of the herbs, bushes and other plants that were carefully selected to be included in the garden.
Mr. NDAGIJIMANA Andre, Mr. Jerome KAJUGA and Mr. NSANZURWIMO Aimable in the botanical garden
The whole area of the garden includes 2 hectares of land and was rehabilitated in July 2019 with UNESCO financial support. It is supposed to earn money by selling their products and plants to interested healers; the institutional goal of making the garden self-sustainable however, cannot be met yet. Mr. Abbé Dr. HAGENIMANA Fabien, Vice-Chancelier of the INES-Ruhengeri, is still hopeful for the future: “I think it is possible.”
The area of the garden also includes two entrances to the famous Musanze caves, a two-kilometres-long area of underground caves and tunnels that are among the most popular tourist attractions in Ruhengeri. This circumstance could be important regarding the possibility of making the garden accessible and attractive to tourists.
Jérôme KAJUGA,
Director of Culture, Social and Human Sciences

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