Consolation Walk 2015
The Root Foundation has organized, on this 16th June, a walk to celebrate on his way the International Day of the African Child. For this special occasion Root Foundation has organized its annual Consolation Walk - a walk to raise awareness for all the unprivileged children on this planet, who do not have access to education and the chance to study.
Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. Yet many children in need around the world do not get a quality education where they can learn and develop.
Root Foundation’s children, team and many friends and supporters of the street children organization gathered together on this special day and enjoyed an amazing and fun day where the main focus was on the children alone.
Wearing their school uniforms, the children and all other participants left Root Foundation’s office at about eleven a.m. and started the walk with the goal of reaching Gakinjiro — the place where most of Root Foundation’s street children were picked from.
Even the sun decided to put an extra light and hot spotlight on the children and the other participants and sweating and very thirsty we reached our goal in Gakinjiro in front of Bethsida Church.
The more than 100 participants used the one hour walk to make new friends, chat and share stories.
After reaching the ground in Gakinjiro, everyone sat under the waiting tents and waited for the program to begin.
After the director Patrick Kiruhura and Root Foundation’s Co - Founder spoke some opening words and introduced all guests, the history and initial roots of the International Day of the African Child was presented. After this point the adult’s speaking time was finished, and the following program was made by children only! There were traditional dances, songs and a very funny but also educational theatre piece.
"I deserve a good education. I deserve to be loved."
-Root Foundation child
Another big highlight of the day was the speech of Mr. Kalisa Callixte, the head of education of UNESCO, Rwanda. He talked about the rights and responsibilities of children and the role of culture, the love towards your country and your family on the road towards a brighter future.
Mr Kalisa talking with children about their rig
The audience (many friends and supporters of Root Foundation, parents and many children who were attracted by our colorful program) had a great time and enjoyed every minute of the event. Strengthened by biscuits (donated from Adma), bread from La Galette and sodas and water that were given to us by our close friend April, the day was a full success for everyone who attended.
We thank everyone involved for all your great work and support we could not have done it without you! We hope to see you next year, at our next Consolation Walk!

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