KOREA-UNESCO Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme: Capacity Development for Basic Education of Africa and Asia-Pacific (Deadline: May 26, 2014)
1. Title: UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme: Capacity Development for Basic Education of Africa and Asia-Pacific
2. Duration: September 1 (Mon) - November 30 (Fri) 2014
3. Objectives
a) To facilitate development of basic education of Africa and the Asia-Pacific region by building capacity of participants
b) To enable the participants to gain a deeper understanding and reflective perspectives on educational development by sharing the experiences of Korean education
c) To enhance the knowledge and capacity of participants in global education towards a Culture of Peace (under the UNESCO framework of Education for International Understanding (EIU))
d) To develop, nurture, and strengthen networks of educators between the Republic of Korea, and Africa/Asia-Pacific
4. Number of Participants: 25 participants from Africa and Asia-Pacific countries
5. Language: English
6. Venue: Seoul & Seongnam, South Korea
7. Training Institute: Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) under the auspices of UNESCO (http://www.unescoapceiu.org)
8. Accommodations: KOICA International Cooperation Center – ICC (http://training.koica.go.kr) Residence or Hotel in Seoul (TBA)
9. Qualification of Applicants:
a) Participants should be educators, preferably teacher educators or senior-level teachers, or government officials of Ministry of Education or related authorities
b) Participants should have a bachelor’s degree (education major preferred)
c) Participants should be nominated by the Ministry of Education or National Commission for UNESCO
d) Participants should have sufficient command of both written and spoken English
e) Participants should be able to perform basic internet and word-processing skills in order to pursue ICT training sessions
f) Participants should be in age between 28 – 50
g) Participants should be expected to work in the related field for at least two years after the completion of the programme
h) Participants should be in good health, both physically and mentally, to undergo the course
i) Participants should be open to cultural and religious diversity
j) Participants should not have participated in the same KOICA training programme during the past three (3) years
10. Closing Date for Application: May 26, 2014

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