Profile of the Secretary General: Mr. Albert MUTESA

Albert B. MUTESA is a specialist of educational sciences. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Strasbourg in France. He took part in a program called UTICEF and therefore specialized his skills in E-learning and ICT in Education.
In the past he taught natural sciences in secondary schools and later in in superior schools as a substitute teacher.

For more than ten years he has been responsible for the department of Scientific Research and Technology within the Ministry of Superior Education and Scientific Research (today: Ministry of Education). Therefore he was in charge of formulating policies and planning as well as coordinating major programs and activities related to scientific research and technology.

He worked for several administrative councils of public institutions related to superior education and research such as the National University of Rwanda (NUR), the Institute of Science and Technology of Kigali (KIST), the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IRST), the Institute of Agriculturally Sciences of Rwanda (ISAR), as well as for the “Projet de Formation Appliquée du NBI” on a regional level.

He participated in several national and international conferences where he gave presentations on Science and Technology as well as on Scientific Research and Innovations in Rwanda. Additionaly he contributed to the organization of multiple seminars and local workshops.

He has been Director of Science and Technology of the Rwandan National Commission for UNESCO (CNRU) since 2004, where he coordinated principle intergovernmental programs of the UNESCO that are related to sustainable development, environment, water, science and technology (MAB, IHP, ESD, STIP etc.). His primary goal is the integration of these programs into the plans and strategies of the Rwandan Government.

Now since 2018, he is the Secretary General of the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO.

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