Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO to support Research in Water Resources Management.
From 6th to 7th February, 2014, a team composed of MINIRENA staff in charge of water resources management in partnership with Rwanda National Commission of UNESCO (CNRU) as well as National committee of the International Hydrology Programme (IHP) made a study tour to complement and get a wide view of the water issues and related environmental impacts for the Sebeya catchment where Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy (HELP) programme is undertaking an assessment study.

Members of IHP- Rwanda exploring equipment used in a study for hydrological modelling of Nyabugogo wetlands

The study tour started by visiting Nyabugogo wetlands where HELP is also conducting a study on hydrological modelling. The team appreciated the work that is being done as the study will provide the sufficient data and recommendations on how water in urban areas of City of Kigali should be managed in a sustainable ways.
Thereafter, the team continued the study tour to Sebeya catchment with purposes to identify main issues occurring and major challenges related to water and environment during rainy season as a previous visit was done in dry season.

The team noted that human activities affected Sebeya River and the whole catchment in terms of land and mining wastes discharges, landslides and erosion as result of deforestation and livestock grazing, damages of constructed bridges and hydraulic infrastructures resulting from inadequate designs since no reliable hydrological data for the area are available, morphology of the catchment made of cascades causing floods in flat areas like Mahoko village, intensives encroachments to Sebeya River banks which leads to its instability, bad agricultural practices within the catchment leading to lots of sediments in river bed among others.

“As you have seen, there is high concern of water resources and environmental degradation at the visited sites. Therefore, since IHP activities are mainly aiming at research in water resources management and protection, there is a current need to fine-tune the project proposals on Sebaya River and Cyohoha Lake catchments and submit them to relevant institutions for funding options as soon as possible” Dr. Fidele NDAHAYO said during a wrap up meeting held at Musanze on 7th February, 2014.

It was therefore recommended that these research proposal projects for the both Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy (HELP) and ECOHYDROLOGY-UNESCO project studies, simultaneously on Sebeya River and Cyohoha Lake should be presented in Water Thematic working Group for inputs before final submission for funding option.

Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO (CNRU) in partnership with International hydrological Programme (IHP) support the Ministry of Natural Resources in many areas of water resources management such research in water, water data collection, world water day , water week preparation, etc.

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