The CNRU visit Ntarama Memorial Site

This May 31, 2016 , the Staff of the CNRU / Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO visited the Ntarama Memorial Site where are buried over five thousand bodies of massacred Tutsis in 1994. Speeches date are back on the need to combat the deniers of the genocide of 1994 against Tutsi.

" Visit this Memorial Ntarama is very important. It keeps a heavy and painful history. It gives us a lesson that makes us do everything to prevent divisionnismes that have devastated our society. This tour is our commitment to fight the revisionists and other genocide deniers who want to erase all vestiges of that genocide , as they are inside the country or in the diaspora ", said Eliphaz Bahizi , Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO.

Mr. Eliphaz BAHIZI, Secretary general of CNRU

He called on the survivors of this genocide to redouble hope to live above all they are supported by the entire Rwandan society.
" Take a look back and assess the progress made during these 22 years. The international community is seeking a partnership with Rwanda put on the spot for good governance . Rwanda deserves this due to the courage the survivors to fight for living well not to be the laughing stock of their former torturers , "said Eliphaz Bahizi

Angélique Mukabukizi , a survivor of the Tutsi genocide being comforted by one of the CNRU staff.

Angélique Mukabukizi , a survivor of the genocide of Tutsis living in the vicinity of the Memorial showed the general spirit of Rwandans. According to her, it is necessary that Rwanda rebuild . For this, the pardon , it is necessary to grant his executioners when the latter request it to their victims.

Ntarama Genocide Memorial is built on the site of the old Central of the parish of Nyamata in Ntarama which hosted from 9 April 1994 thousands of refugees fleeing the atrocities of the Interahamwe surrounding area. These came encircle the refugees in the church to completely decimate a week later, on April 15th. These Interahamwe received the assistance of an army detachment then specifically come to Kigali for this sad and cruel task.

Maces, spears and daggers Interahamwe alternated with firearms military of General Juvenal Habyarimana. Other atrocities were identified by the testimonies of survivors : Tutsi refugees in the Chapel of Ntarama were burned alive with mattresses and oil . The babies were smashed against the walls.

CNRU gave a donation of one million Rwandan franc genocide survivor through the CNLG

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