The first hike of MSC IBISUMIZI to the Mount Huye
The hike
Saturday morning, having a clear view and the sun shining promisingly on our heads, a team of about 10 people gathered on the foot of the Mount Huye, in Sovu. Everybody was excited about the upcoming hike the CNRU – namely KAJUGA Jerome and volunteer Theresia Schneider - had organized for the first time. After a small prayer and a meditation respectively, the group started the hike to the top of Mount Huye at around 9 o´ clock.
The beginning is the easiest part of the hike, as the track is good.
The path was particularly easy in the beginning. A few children enjoyed walking with us for a while. Shortly after we started there was the NYIRAHUYE fountain where in the future a little kiosk might be built in order to sell bottled mineral water that comes from the mountain to quench the thirst of the sportsmen and sportswomen. We were in a good mood, the hike was doable for everybody and the way easy to find, signs indicating the way up will be installed soon though.
Fountain NYIRAHUYE - here a kiosk could sell mineral water.
On the top
The view was amazing as it was a clear day. Some dark clouds appeared but fortunately rain was not falling that day. After around 90 minutes, we arrived at the spring NYAGAKECURU, where we decided to take a longer break as the setting is stunning and the ground comfortable.
Relaxing next to the spring NYAGAKECURU.
KAJUGA Jerome gave an introduction about the aims and objectives of the MSC IBISUMIZI, which are, among others, the protection of the site and environment and to make the history and culture accessible to the public in combination with sportive activities. We also got an introduction into the historical and cultural value of the place. After everybody had relaxed for a bit, we continued and finally arrived at the top of the mountain.
Amazing view from the top.
There we saw the place where the palace of King Ruganzu Ndoli was built. From there we went down – taking a different way this time which lead us again through beautiful nature but also through the fields of some farmers who greeted us friendly. Only one thing mared our mood: During the hike we saw people taking wood out of the forest, which should be ceased somehow with the help of IBISUMIZI, because it destroys the nature. At around 1 pm we arrived back at the place where we started the hike. We sat down to drink and eat and to discuss further actions.
The way down is as beautiful as the way up.
And what comes next?
The MSC IBISUMIZI will be officially founded November 7 in Butare and the first public hike will take place December 13. Information about how to participate and about the cost will be announced soon. A website and a Facebook page will be launched as well.
Those happy faces are looking forward to see you December 13.
By Theresia Schneider, Volunteer at Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO (CNRU)

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