The official founding of the mountain sports Club

7 November 2014 the Mountain Sports Club IBISUMIZI was officially founded in Butare. After the first internal hike November 1 the team had decided to gather together another time in order to make the organization an official one. At 10am the meeting started in the district office. 13 people participated, among them Kajuga Jerome, Mukankusi Philomene and Schneider Thresia from CNRU as well as the vice mayor of Butare, Niwemugeni Christine . After an introduction of all participants, the meeting started with a presentation Kajuga Jerome gave. He explained the whole concept of the MSC IBISUMIZI, the objectives, actions, possible partners and future activities.

KAJUGA Jerome presents the concept of the MSC IBISUMIZI / photo: CNRU

Niwemugeni Christine, the vice mayor, gave a great speech full of recommendations for MSC IBISUMIZI which foundation she really appreciated. She supports the name of the club because it symbolizes strength and vitality, but recommended that the team of that club should also think about groups of people who are less robust, such as elderly and disabled people. She recommended to establish a group of guides which might come from some volunteer organizations such as INTORE. In addition Niwemugeni Christine adviced MSC IBISUIMIZI to receive the African NationĀ“s Championship (CHAN) 2016 which will be hosted in Huye.

The vice mayor of the Huye district gives recommendations / photo: CNRU

Regarding the first public hike 6 december 2014 different authorities will be invited, as well as partners and sponsors and all clubs from the district (volleyball, football, hiking club etc.). An ad hoc committee we established will take care of organizing this first public hike.
Transport companies will be contacted in order to provide transport for the participants to the starting point of the hike in Sovu.
In her speech Mukankusi Philomene, representative of the CNRU Secretary General, appreciated the civil society implication with the promotion of sport and culture activities. She welcomed the formation of an organization like this regarding the UNESCO conventions concerning culture and management of cultural sites which the CNRU supports. The districts will benefit from cultural tourism as it will also create profit.

MUKANKUSI Philomene during her speech / photo: CNRU

After everybody was aware of the agenda of MSC IBISUMIZI, the statute was read together with a notary present and signed.

What an important moment: The signing of the statute / photo: CNRU

By Theresia Schneider

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