World Science Day celebration in Rwanda

1. Background and Introduction

Rwanda like other members of the UN celebrates the World Science Day annually. Previously, the celebrations in Rwanda were organized by the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO (CNRU). Since the Directorate of Science, Technology and Research (DSTR) in the MINEDUC was established in 2009, the preparations of the celebrations for this Day are now in partnership between DSTR and the National Commission for UNESCO (CNRU).

The Ministry of Education through the Directorate of Science, Technology and Research has decided to celebrate this event at national level in Eastern Province at Batima Village in Rweru Sector, Bugesera District. This comes after the 2011 World Science Day was celebrated in all provinces and Kigali City under the supervision of MINEDUC in collaboration of Higher Learning Institutions in the Provinces.

While, the focus for the year 2010 was on the Biodiversity and on the Chemistry in 2011, it is on Energy for the year 2012. The UNESCO has given the 2012 theme: “2012 Year of Sustainable Energy for all”. In Rwanda we have chosen the following theme “Renewable Energy, the key for community sustainable development”.

For this occasion, DSTR in partnership with CNRU will invite relevant Stakeholders to the celebrations. To attract the involvement of the community in the celebrations of the Day, three groups of ladies (Batima, Karambi and Musanze ) that have undergone training on “Solar Energy Installation” in India will be invited. The villages of Karambi and Batima will be visited for the demonstration of their solar installations. The village of Batima, the pioneer group, was chosen as the site for celebrations of World Science Day and 2012 International year of Sustainable Energy for all because, the ladies in this village have made tremendous achievements in developing their village by installing solar energy in 110 houses of the whole village. Furthermore these are currently and are training other ladies in Northern Province, while Karambi ladies have already completed the installation of 110 houses in their village.

During the celebrations of the event, testimonies on solar energy harnessing will be given by the three groups of ladies, graduates from the “Barefoot College of Technology” in India.

2. Objectives for the celebration of the event:

  1. To engage people, up to community level, in the application of relevant natural resources harnessing for sustainable development.
  • To strengthen public awareness on the role of science in energy production.
  • To promote local communities engagement in finding solutions to their problems.
  • To renew national and international commitment for the use of science for the benefit of society.

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